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Post  kswearngin on Thu Mar 06, 2008 10:43 am

The 9th Grade FACS students have moved through Clothing and Textiles and Interior Design.
Now we are ready to study Personal Development.

In this Unit we will cover chapters 1,2 and 3 of our Text. Building Life Skills.
We will study Changes during Adolesence, Your Personality and Teens and Tough Decisions.
In Chapter 1 we will cover study guide 1D Your Responsibilities
Chapter 2 we will cover study guides 2A and 2D Over your personality.
We will view a video called Less then Perfect daughter about Parent child relationships.
In Chapter 3 we will discuss stress, coping with crisis and Drunk Driving.
We will watch the video SMASHED by KHP and FCCLA. It is a great video and teaching tool that sparks great discussion. (But is very graphic) My hope is to have a Kansas H. Patrol officer come in with the "Fatal Vision gogles to reinforce the lesson. (That is still in the works)
There will be a Unit exam after we finish covering all of the info. Hopefully before Spring Break - but not sure if we can get it all in before then.
Any questions please Call.
Kim Swearngin


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