Attendance, Finals Exemption, and Cell Phone Policies

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Attendance, Finals Exemption, and Cell Phone Policies Empty Attendance, Finals Exemption, and Cell Phone Policies

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A major part of the educational process occurs in the classroom and students must be present in order to benefit from that important part. Our school cannot teach students who are not present. All students enrolled at Tonganoxie High School are subject to all guidelines of the attendance policy. This policy is intended to encourage students to be regular in their attendance and applies to all THS students — regardless of age or marital status.

This policy designates Ten (10) absences per class for each semester as the maximum allowed before credit is denied for the semester. The Ten (10) absences are to accommodate:

• Personal Illness
• Appointments that could not be scheduled outside the school day
• Serious personal or family problems

Exceptions to this policy are as follows:
1. Students participating in school-sponsored trips, events, and activities counted as School Activities are not counted absent.
2. Absences of three (3) days for the death of an immediate family member or of one (1) day for the death of other relatives are exempt.
3. Dual credit courses will follow the KCK Community College attendance policy.
4. Students who feel exceptional or unique circumstances exist may appeal to the administration, and then to the Attendance Review committee.

Absences verified by a parent note, even for illness, do not exempt the absences from the attendance policy. The parent note does allow the student to make up any work missed while absent.

Doctor appointments may or may not count against the student’s ten days. This will be determined at the discretion of the administration. Students are encouraged to arrange these after school or at times that do not affect any one class. Doctor notes must detail dates of the confinement and be presented within fourteen days of the end of the semester.

Students eighteen years old or older are NOT exempt from the attendance policy.

It is extremely important that students understand that the 10 days for necessary absences built into the attendance policy are not to be considered “skip days”.

Students leaving school grounds “MUST” first bring a note from home and then sign out in the office before leaving. Failure to sign out will result in an unexcused absence and will be treated as a “skip” and punishment will be the same.

Truancy is defined as missing classes on a given day without parental knowledge or approval and school official approval. Known truancy will be handled according to our disciplinary policy.

Parents or Guardians are responsible for notifying the office when a student is absent giving reason for absence. The reason for absence will be recorded on the student’s daily attendance record.

(Please call the attendance line if your child is going to be absent).


Semester exams are required in all classes in which a student is enrolled.
All students are required to take Final Exams unless they meet the following exemption requirements in periods 1-4 or periods 5-7:

3 absences and an A average
2 absences and a B average
1 absence and a C average

To be exempt from any finals, students must not have any detentions, nor may they have been assigned an ISS or received OSS during the semester.

If a student misses a class for a High School function or bereavement for an immediate family member, those absences will not count toward the Final Exemption Policy.

This exemption policy will not apply to classes taken for dual credit through KCK Community College.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

A goal of Tonganoxie High School’s education program is to encourage independence and responsibility. While keeping this goal in mind, the administration recognizes the necessity of cell phones and other electronic devices. It is our intent to expect students to be responsible in their use of such devices. Cell phones and other electronic devices will be allowed in school as long as they are turned off, or on silent, during class time. Failure to follow this policy by having a cell phone, or similar electronic device, will result in:

1st Offense: teacher confiscate phone, takes to office
2nd Offense: teacher confiscates phone, takes to office, administration logs the entry; parent must come in to pick up the phone.
3rd Offense: teacher confiscates phone, takes to office, administration logs the entry; parent must come in to pick up phone. Repeated violations become a Class II offense.


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