Week of Feb. 4-8, 2008

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Week of Feb. 4-8, 2008 Empty Week of Feb. 4-8, 2008

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Mon., 2/4 - Watch Act IV of Macbeth and finish up study guide. Study guide for Act IV is due today. Turn in to the tray.

Tues., 2/5 - Read first half of Act V of Macbeth, pages 401-407. Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking and revealing TOO MUCH, but who will the doctor woman and gentlewoman tell? The king? Malcolm, Macduff, and Siward are on their way to take down Macbeth once and for all... Lennox and others will meet them at Birnham Forest to prepare for the fight. HAND OUT ACT V STUDY GUIDE; HAND OUT ACT IV QUIZ (not really a quiz - just a worksheet to prepare you for the test)

Journal questions to prepare you for the fill-in-the-blank part of the test:
1. How many plays did Shakespeare write? (37)
2. For which king did Shakespeare write Macbeth? (King James I, who was very interested in witchcraft - he even wrote a book about it himself)
3. Name the three original prophecies: Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, and King
4. Name the 4 apparitions and their warnings: Armed head says, "Beware Macduff," Bloody child says, "No man of woman born shall harm Macbeth," Crowned child holding a branch says, "Until Birnham Wood comes to Dunsinane Hill, no one shall harm Macbeth," and then finally, the fourth apparition shows 8 kings in a row that all look like Banquo, the last one holding a mirror showing that many more kings are to come in Banquo's line.

Wed., 2/6 - Finish reading Act V and complete the Act V study guide (due tomorrow)

Thurs., 2/7 - Watch Act V of Macbeth - turn in completed Act V study guides; HAND OUT QUOTES PAGE so you will know who said what for the test

Fri., 2/8 - Review for the Macbeth Test next week... Students write on the board all of the things they think will be on the test. Review literary terms for the test, such as dramatic irony, soliloquy, etc.


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