Week of Feb. 11-15, 2008

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Week of Feb. 11-15, 2008 Empty Week of Feb. 11-15, 2008

Post  sevans on Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:02 pm

Mon., 2/11/08: Watch Acts II and III for the visual effect of Julius Caesar.

Tues., 2/12/08: Read Act IV in class, pgs. 760-776. If we don't finish it in class, you are responsible for finishing it at home. We will have a short quiz over Act IV tomorrow.

Wed., 2/13/08: Act IV Quiz. Read Act V, pgs. 778-793. Finish at home if we don't finish in class. Grammar worksheet review for Friday.

Thurs., 2/14/08: Quiz over Act V and the ending of the play. Write a two-page journal entry on the topic of your thesis statement. The journal entry should pertain mostly to Julius Caesar, but if your thoughts vary and move to a more personal note, that is okay, too. Review for grammar test using "B" test on overhead. Notes from the play are due tomorrow. Notes should be page numbers and/or acts/scenes that pertain to your chosen thesis. Introduction is due Tuesday (Monday is President's Day) for peer critique.

Fri., 2/15/08: Grammar Unit 5 Test. Check journal entries and notes from the play (15 points each). 2nd and 5th hours, some students will meet with Mrs. Walker in the computer lab for their Career Builder make-up time. Everyone else will be in the library for reading time.


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