English II-A Vocab. list for Nov. 9 Quiz

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English II-A Vocab. list for Nov. 9 Quiz Empty English II-A Vocab. list for Nov. 9 Quiz

Post  sevans on Mon Nov 05, 2007 4:57 pm

QUACK DVD - Lesson 6 word list

foible: weakness; flaw; shortcoming in character
lacerate: to rip, maul, tear, mutilate, or mangle
harangue: mean, nasty, angry speech
exact: to demand from
abash: to embarrass
tact: skill in dealing with people in difficult situations
uncouth: crude; unrefined; awkward
fetish: abnormally obsessive attachment; fixation
phobia: a persistent illogical fear
masticate: to chew
laconic: not saying much; brief, succinct, or concise
malevolent: sinister; devilish; mean
meander: to wander aimlessly
apex: tip; peak; summit; highest point
nadir: absolute lowest point
disseminate: to dispense objects; to distribute
emaciated: excessively thin; weak
puissant : powerful; mighty
citadel: fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold
atrophy: to wither away


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