Week of Feb. 25-29, 2008

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Week of Feb. 25-29, 2008 Empty Week of Feb. 25-29, 2008

Post  sevans on Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:14 pm

Mon., 2/25/08: Students will recite Hamlet quotes to me (40 points). Extra credit points up to 15 points may be memorized.

Tues., 2/26/08: Finish saying Hamlet quotes. Some may say quotes for 1/2 credit if they were not prepared on Monday.

Wed., 2/27/08: Finish watching Hamlet; Pass out Act V summaries and Hamlet essay requirements - discuss

Thurs., 2/28/08: Writing time in class for Hamlet paper. One-on-one conferencing.

Fri., 2/29/08: LIBRARY DAY - 3rd quarter book responses are due Wed., March 5

flower EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION (same as last week since we didn't get to use it):
Brooke's middle name is Lane.


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