Freshmen Lifeskills Speech Test

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Freshmen Lifeskills Speech Test Empty Freshmen Lifeskills Speech Test

Post  sharrell on Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:43 am

Here is the study guide for the first test of new knowledge in Lifeskills Speech. The test is Thursday, Sept 11

Speech Test One Study Guide

Communication is basically a process for transferring ________________________
A synonym for Context could be ___________________
What context values other people’s customs and traditions?
Where does Intrapersonal communication occur?
What is the defining element for interpersonal group discussion?
The most crucial factor in defining public communication is?
In kinesics emblems are
In the study of communication, what is meant by noise?
How are regulators used?
In contact cultures, people will _______________________________
Translating ideas into symbols is called _____________________
Kinesics refers to the study of _____________________
Proxemics refers to the study of ________________
The parts of the vocal mechanism that provide tonal quality are the ____________
The tongue, teeth, lips, lower jaw and soft palate are all _________________
Paralanguage is a form of nonverbal communication based _____________
Identify the five general types of context other than relationships
Occulesics ‘focuses’ on _________________________________
Haptics is a non-verbal tool using ________________________
Chronomics is the use of _______________________________
Olfactics create meaning using _________________________
What are the four main CATEGORIES of interpersonal communication?
What is the key difference between verbal and nonverbal communication?


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