English IV Vocabulary List for quiz Nov. 2

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English IV Vocabulary List for quiz Nov. 2 Empty English IV Vocabulary List for quiz Nov. 2

Post  sevans on Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:04 pm

Quack DVD lesson 5

1. prevaricate: to deviate from the truth
2. imperceptible: difficult to perceive by the senses; barely noticeable
3. diverse: different; various
4. desiccate: to dry out
5. loquacious: talking a lot or too much
6. maudlin: wallowing in self pity
7. farcical: absurd; ludicrous
8. vibrant: lively; full of vitality
9. virulent: extremely poisonous; full of hate
10. contemptuous: expressing disdain; showing lack of respect (e.g. in contempt of court)
11. enigma: a mystery
12. labyrinth: a maze
13. lucid: easy to understand
14. repudiate: to reject; to disown; to renounce
15. superficial: relating to the surface; shallow
16. primordial: formed long ago; primitive
17. mellifluous: sweetly flowing
18. provincial: limited in outlook; narrow
19. contrite: admitting feeling of guilt (being sorry)
20. incessant: unceasing; neverending


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