Week of March 3-7, 2008

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Week of March 3-7, 2008 Empty Week of March 3-7, 2008

Post  sevans on Mon Mar 03, 2008 11:46 am

Mon., 3/3/08: Vocabulary Wkbk. Lesson 9, pgs. 81-88. Sample PRS (Prefix/Root/Suffix) Quiz to prepare for tomorrow's quiz; One-on-one conferencing on Julius Caesar papers

Tues., 3/4/08: PRS (Prefix/Root/Suffix) Quiz #1 (34 points); Grade vocab. worksheets and collect; Review for Unit 6 Grammar test - worksheet/study guide ("B" test as example); Study PRS Quiz #2 for Monday.

Wed., 3/5/08: 3rd Quarter Book responses due (2nd); Julius Caesar final drafts due (100 points);

Thurs., 3/6/08: *SUBSTITUTE HERE DUE TO MS. EVANS' SON'S FEVER* Unit 6 Grammar test; SSR

Fri., 3/7/08: Vocabulary 9 Quiz (book test); Sign out 1984 novels and group work requirement sheets - each person has a job to do for Monday. Read chapters I-III for Monday.

flower Extra credit question and answer: How many plays did William Shakespeare write? Answer: 37


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