Week of Feb. 25-29, 2008

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Week of Feb. 25-29, 2008 Empty Week of Feb. 25-29, 2008

Post  sevans on Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:03 pm

Mon., 2/25/08: Watch Quack DVD lesson 9; Illustrated vocab. & personification for lesson 9; Final paragraph for Julius Caesar paper is due. One-on-one discussion with students about paper. DUE DATE FOR PAPER IS POSTPONED TO NEXT WEEK due to my two absences last week... I want to conference with students this week.

Tues., 2/26/08: Hand out new 3rd quarter book responses (different from original); 2nd third quarter book responses due next week; one-on-one conferencing for Julius Caesar paper; Unit 6 grammar due tomorrow.

Wed., 2/27/08: Unit 6 grammar due today; write EFFECTIVE sentences for 20 new ACT vocab words from Quack lesson 9; one-on-one conferencing on Julius Caesar papers.

Thurs., 2/28/08: Hand out Prefix/Root/Suffix packets - lesson one quiz next Tuesday; Create a Unit 6 grammar test based on the info presented in the text. Created "test" must include 40 questions organized into multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and identification in sentences.

Fri., 2/29/08: Vocabulary Quiz - Quack lesson 9; SSR time for LIBRARY DAY - bring books; one-on-one conferencing with me. TYPED FINAL DRAFTS DUE WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5th.

flower EXTRA CREDIT ANSWER (same as last week since we didn't get to use it):
Brooke's middle name is Lane. Very Happy


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