Week of Feb. 11-15, 2008

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Week of Feb. 11-15, 2008 Empty Week of Feb. 11-15, 2008

Post  sevans on Tue Feb 12, 2008 1:07 pm

Mon., 2/11/08: Watch Quack DVD, lesson 9 and hand out lesson 9 vocab. list. Quiz on Friday. Review for the Macbeth test which is tomorrow.

Tues., 2/12/08: Macbeth test. If you need to finish essay questions tomorrow, you may. All parts of the test need to be finished except the essay (finish the test if you can, of course).

Wed., 2/13/08: Finish the Macbeth test. Hand out the summaries for Hamlet and the memory quotes (due Monday, Feb. 25th - 50 points)

Thurs., 2/14/08: Discuss and watch Act I of Hamlet (Mel Gibson version)

Fri., 2/15/08: Senior survey. Watch Quack lesson 9 again for review. Quack lesson 9 vocab. quiz. Review Hamlet quotes - due Mon., 2/25/08


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